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Sweet Corn Soup :

1) Corn - 1

2) spring onion    

3) vegetable stock

4) Tomato sauce - 5 tsp

5) cloves, cinnamon, cardamom - 1 each 

6) pepper - 2 tsp

7) salt, sugar  to taste

8) onion - 1/2

9) tomato - 1

10) green chillies - 4


To grind : 

Grind the onion,  tomato and green chillies



1) Add the required vegetable stock, add the ground paste 


2) Now take a cloth and put the spices and make that into a small bag


3) Add the corn 


4) Bring them to a boil,  simmer for 20 minutes


5) Then add the sugar salt and pepper and the spring onion


6) Now add the tomato sauce


7) remove the vessel and remove the spice bag


8) serve it with a tsp of butter and fresh coriander leaves