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 Santha Flour Mill 


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     Santha Flour Mill      


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* Capacity: 6 Kgs per hour
Weight: 37 Kgs
Width: 14"
Height: 17 "
Length: 22"
Power:  1/2 HP, 180 Watts , 110 Volts
Upto 6 kgs/12 lbs per hour capacity
Grinds Dry Rice, dry Wheat,Channa Dhaal,Dhania,
Jeera,cloves, Coffee, Soy etc..
ISI Certified
From Santha highly trusted and largest selling grinders  in India since 1965


Cannot grind red chillies, Sugar, turmeric,Cinnamon
Sticks,elaichi or any,moist foods


Santha is in the Market Since 1965
Inventors of the Tilting Grinder and the roller stone concept 
Patented designs and recognized by the Indian Government
Powerful Motors -Only grinders to use Starting Capacitor - A starting capacitor gives an extra push to the motor while starting. So, even when you start the grinder with full load, the grinder will start itself . Many of the other brands available in the market do not have this and  you will have to physically push the drum to make the grinder start rotating.

Only Santha uses High Quality Hard Black Granite stone. .. Many competing brands use softer, cheaper non-Granite stones.

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Features : 

The freshly ground Atta is with natural flavor and more tasty. When in use, the Santha Home Flour Mill performs the grinding operation in a moderate speed, thereby retaining the nutrient, fiber and vitamin value of food. This also has a longer shelf life and easy for digestion, which helps to keep you healthy and active.

The Home Flour Mill is specially designed to powder grains like Wheat, Ragi, Soya, Corn, Rice, Cowpie, Bajra, Black Gram, Green Gram, Coffee Bean, Coriander, Pepper, Chenna Dhal, Maize and Curry Bean.

  1. Easy to use and maintain.
  2. Flavor and smell characteristics of flour or grains retained since no heat generated.
  3. Impressive 6 kilos an hour production capacity.

Santha's Home Flour Mill is a stepping stone to food preparation that guarantees to satisfy your taste buds.



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