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Prestige Rubber Ring - Measurements & How to measure the rubber ring

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The measurements of the gasket rings as as follows.

Prestige Mini Gasket -  ORDER NOW
Size 7 3/4 inches Outer diameter 
Size 6 3/4 inches inner diameter
Suitable Cooker sizes for this rubber ring : Prestige 3/4 L Supreme 
Ultimate pressure cooker models 3.5 L
Deluxe pressure cooker models 3.5 L

Prestige Junior Gasket ORDER NOW
Size - 9 1/2 Inches outer diameter
Size - 8 1/4 inches inner diameter
Suitable for cookers Prestige 5 litres 6 litres 6.5 litres 7 Litres & Junior pressure pans
Supreme pressure cooker models 4.5 litres 5.5 litres 7 litres Junior pressure pan deluxe model
Junior Handi 
Junior pressure pan deluxe models
Deluxe plus models

Prestige Senior Gaskets ORDER NOW
Size : 10 3/4 inches outer diameter
Size : 91/4 -9/12 inches outer diameter
Suitable for pressure cookers Prestige 7.5 litres 10 litres 12 litres senior 
Popular and deluxe models 8.5 litres 11 litres 13 Litres senior & Jumbo Pan

Note : 

The above pressure cooker gaskets sizes are approximate only - they are not 100 % accurate 
The older gaskets would have been weared out due to the usage so when measure please make sure you account the wear and tear of the gaskets in - AS the used gaskets are slightly expanded due to the heat and usage

These measurements are provided for your guidance. They do not guarantee the correct and accurate measurements.
Please make sure you look into the diagram in the link provided to see how these gaskets are measured.

Please contact Hotdishes representative 408-239-4800 for any questions or guidance in ordering the gasket.

IF you are not sure of which Rubber ring to order please call us 408-239-4800

Return policy on Gasket rings 
We do not accept any returns on the rubber rings.
The rubber rings once the order is placed and processed and delivered no exchanges on the rubber rings.

Before you order for the gasket rings please make sure you know the size of the pressure cooker exactly - You can find the size of the pressure cooker from the bottom of the pressure cooker.

All Accessories are sold for cookers made in INDIA Only !

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How do i measure my Prestige Rubber ring                                                                                 

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