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10 Qts. Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker with Copper Bottom and three piece separator set


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Made by the makers of Prestige Pressure Cookers in India and marketed in North America under the brand name of Manttra.

Made of high quality Stainless Steel. To ensure quick, efficient, and uniform heat dispersion, this Pressure Cooker comes with a special Thermo copper base. Also provided is a three piece set of cook 'n' serve separators, made from food grade stainless steel. The separators stack up neatly, one above the other, and enable you to do creative cooking of three dishes at a time! The separators do not exchange flavors while cooking different foodstuff. A lid and a nylon lifter also come with the separator set. The lid fits snugly into any one of the separators and is absolutely essential while cooking. It is also made of food grade quality stainless steel.


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Accessories for  pressure cooker    Inner containers  Idli cooker  Paniaram pan 


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