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Idly Multi Cook 

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Welcome to the world of Healthy Cooking with Tupperware’s MultiCook

Tupperware Multicook is great for cooking on the go using the microwave.

TupperWare's Multi cook - $ 34.99 * Free shipping 

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An international quality product for "Simply Indian" cooking needs. Tupperware, the second largest Direct Selling company in the country has introduced the "MultiCook", a product designed and conceptualized for the Indian market. This multi-functional, multi-utility, MultiCook is a five-in-one product and a must have for all Indian kitchens. The versatile MultiCook can be used to cook, steam, strain, reheat and serve. It is sure to make life five times easier in the modern-day kitchen.


Rice, Soups and Instant Noodles in the container


· Idlis in the idli tray - 8 idlis
· Dhokla
· Vegetables in the strainer


Vegetables, Fruits, Noodles, Pasta in the strainer


Precooked food or Ready-to-Eat packaged food


The main base container can be used to serve rice, curries and any other dishes

Tupperware’s product team, well-known for their attention to detail, have considered its active use by housewives and ensured features to make cooking with MultiCook a pleasurable experience. The MultiCook has been fitted with a strainer with handles on both sides for easy lifting. It is equipped with a self-venting cover, allowing steam to pass through automatically and a footed base for uniform heating and maximum air circulation around the container in the microwave. The base unit offers the added advantage of being used as a serving bowl with a generous capacity of 2.5 litres.

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Idly cookers

A Specially made cookware to generate for steam cooking without the development of pressure inside

Apart from idli, any food to be boiled in steam can be cooked in this cooker.

As to the requirement the bottom of the cooker can be supplied as 

 Recipes for Idli 

Idli recipe     Fried Idli      Kancheevaram Idli    Rava Idli

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