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Appliances    Astrology    Bhindi    Beads & corals  Coral Jewellery   CookBooks   DVDPlayer   DVD&VCD    Groceries   Kurti  Pillowcovers  Recipe Cards   Sakthi Masala Powders 

Shop Anklets & Earrings   Tanjore painting

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Welcome to our Indian  Astrology Online Service

Know about your future through our Numerology Forecast!


Click here to  Order your personalized Astrology Report 


Indian astrology dates back to the ancient Vedic period, also known as Hindu astrology. The Indian astrology is based on numerology taken from birthplace, date and time. The astrology reading comprises of Astrology compatibility , Astrology chart ,  Astrology report. Astrology & Horoscope are similar to each other , except horoscope astrology is based on the zodiac signs only whereas Astrology numerology is based on the number of other factors specific to each individual


Indian Astrology Online , is one of the most preferred Indian service and your astrology reading is confidential. 


Our astrologer Shri Shantha Lingam  is an expert in prediction with excellent results.


The calculation is based on  the location and orientation of the stars and planets at the time of your birth and is a  very scientific and accurate process. This way the prediction for each person is precise. This is not a computer generated astrology which is generalized and inaccurate. Our astrology is forecast for each individual by our experienced astrologer using numerology study.


Try our prediction and be confident about your future.

It will be sent to your email account for faster delivery .


Your personal information is confidential with us. Our prediction is reliable, accurate and calculated by our experienced astrologer.


The astrology forecasts what's lying ahead in your future.


Click here to  Order your personalized Astrology Report 


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The astrology report contains :  

1) Personalized detailed astrological report based on your birth time and place  

2) Free 5 personal questions that you have, our astrologer will answer

E.g., Question on your health, job, financial prosperity, marriage, children, etc


Prices and Payment : The fee for the detailed astrology report including 3 free questions is US$10.95 per report or equivalent currency of other countries.


Delivery duration: It takes 5-6weeks to prepare a detailed personalized astrology report for each person.


Payment may be made by using  :

Credit card (Master Card / VISA) 


Disclaimer : In no way do our astrology services constitute any legal, psychological, medical, business, financial or other advice. Our  astrology services are reports based on numerical calculations from the astrologer, and is not a legal advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind, be it medical, mental, spiritual, or other.

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